8 Stagings of Decay

8 Stagings of Decay is a fancy way to name a question that drives me to make work.

The question is the slug—muscular, morphing.
The work is the slime—the trail, left as a result.

[Watch an amazing video of snail sex here.]

8 Stagings of Decay has been going on, is going on, and will go on; it is a continuous investigation.
It functions radially, circuitously, associatively. It is multi-armed. A network or a web. Development is not linear here.

8 Stagings of Decay asks:

Why do humans strive to be foreground and center in a larger field?

1. Slow Walk

  Public, meditative procession. Non-advertised. Not timed. Fleeting. In-person.

2. Dale Thatcher-May-Alcott-Oakley-Stein-Woolf-Lebowitz

A young person celestially obsessed with frogs and grappling with their single-turned-multiple-but-ultimately-limited celledness.
 W-I-P version upcoming. Watch for an appearance in January 2017.

Scratch Night April 2015, First Friday April 2015, Frog Night May 2016

3. Lovertits by Annie Wilson

A performance piece asking questions about the body as well as theatrical/sexual climax.
Performed at Bryn Mawr in January of 2016.
Contact Annie Wilson for booking inquiries.

4. The Sincerity Project by Team Sunshine

A 24-year staging of 7 people's lives. Second installment performed in the2016 Fringe Festival in Philadelphia, PA.

5. Compost, Waste, MOLD, FERMENT

We lost our garden lot that we'd been composting on for the last two years.
Our landlord is building a three-lot house with a two-car garage.
Cars winning over compost.

We've switched over to Bennett Composting, which is a service offered at $15.00/month. You should check them out.
It feels ridiculous to pay for someone to deal with my rotting vegetable scraps, but it feels more ridiculous to throw them in the trash.

Also trying to learn about sourdough starters and begin to understand fermenting.


 What the f is up with us constantly building statues?
When we say, "leave a mark," what marks do we mean?

The chisel. The hero. The God. "In his image."

I quit my job as a tour guide this year. When I worked there, I spent a lot of time passing these GUYS in BRONZE--Robert Morris, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, George Clymer--and their LEGACIES and HOW MUCH THE PIGEONS SHOULDN'T POOP ON THEM.

Is it an oxymoron to build a temporary statue?

And what about mushrooms? Why don't they individuate heroically? I am building a statue made of eggshells.

7.  READING (about HyperobJECTS and New Materialism)

On Ugliness, Umberto Eco
Vibrant Matter, Jane Bennett
Hyperobjects, Timothy Morton
Anthropology of Space, Rik Pinxten
 Enough, Bill McKibben
This Changes Everything: Capitalism Vs the Climate, Naomi Klein
On Photography, Susan Sontag

8. The quiet Circus

Just beginning. Participating in the web of work that David Brick is creating throughout the year. Read an article here to preview. For more info, click here.