Annie Wilson- shimmering, modern cave woman in the psychedelic metropolis, which Philly isn't, but she lives there anyway.

Iris McCloughan- poet, performer, creator of Teena Geist and No Face company member.

Headlong- center of an artistic community in Philadelphia trying to create work that matters.

Helen Hale- transplant to Philadelphia from Atlanta, GA. Part Athenian warrior, part geek.

Sarah Cameron Sunde- met her up at the Barn Arts Collective, where she stood her first full cycle with the sea. Check out her project 36.5 here.

Naomi Klein- Non-fiction writer.

Eppchez- verbing and verving through life and creation.

Reverend Billy and The Church of Stop Shopping-  With a touch of high church, the Rev Billy gets his hair up like Conway Titty. 

BUTT KAPINSKI- aka Deanna Fleysher, comedian & director extraordinaire.

Lily Kind- multi-media artist focused on dance-making. Also, she and Vince Johnson are creating awesome space over at Urban Movement Arts. Check ‘em out.

Tere O'Connor - needs no introduction. A deep, rigorous, expansive thinker and choreographer.

Timothy Speed Levitch- my actual hero. A licensed tour guide kind of...

The Nap Ministry - I met Tricia at a Little Fires organized by Helen Hale and Maggie Ginestra. Her presence booms. Get up in her wisdom-work.

Charles and Miranda Shackleton- furniture, pottery and place-makers in Woodstock, VT.

Magda San Millan- genius jester empath and troublemaker.

Liat Berdugo- artist working the digital, the visual, and the verbal. Based in San Francisco, CA.

Steve Roggenbuck- internet poet living in Tuscon.

Team Sunshine Performance Corporation- dedicated to creating theatre events in Philadelphia, PA.

Swim Pony- Adrienne Mackey, pulling out theater's guts to see what's there. Day in and day out.

The Bearded Ladies- queer, experimental cabaret troupe based in Philadelphia, PA.

The Berserker Residents- three funny men being funny together. Philadelphia, PA.

Polyglot - leading creator of interactive and participatory theatre for children and families. Based out of Australia.

Ninth Planet - feminist performance platform based in Philadelphia.