Directed by Annie Wilson
Co-created by Christina Gesualdi, Jenna Horton, Annie Wilson, and Ilse Zoerb.
Lighting Design: Andrew Thompson
Sound Design: Adriano Shaplin
Costume Design: Amy Martin and the creators
Special thanks to Amy Smith.

A burlesque-postmodern-dance-theater-bad-improv performance. Why does the performance of sexiness look so different from the actual act of sex? Why is it so funny? Why anxiety dreams about losing things in your vagina? Why “Orgasm Wars?” Why clitoris? Why weird bags of fat that hang from your chest?

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Philadelphia Fringe Festival, Philadelphia, Sept 2014
JACK, Brooklyn, NY, March 2015
Bryn Mawr, Philadelphia,  Jan 2016


Photo by Johanna Austin

Photo by Johanna Austin