DEC 2018 // Sincerity Project rehearsals
reading of “Thrive, or What You Will” by L M Feldman
Subterranean Philly: What Lies Beneath

Here’s what’s on the docket for December: heading back into the room with the cast of The Sincerity Project to figure out what the next iteration might look like (coming at you in June of next year as part of the HPFS Festival). Come catch L M Feldman’s thick play “Thrive” at Interact’s Core Playwright’s weekend on Dec 16. And giving sold out tours of Subterranean Philadelphia: What Lies Beneath for Hidden City. Get on the waitlist!

OCT 2018 // P H I L L Y D E T O U R S…

black with white outline.png


…is under construction. Please pardon our dust.

You may have noticed that things have slowed down on this upcoming page. I have been hard at work at developing a tour for Philadelphia’s history district. If you’d like to be kept in the loop, please visit and get your name on the mailing list.

APRIL 2018 // ¡BIENVENIDOS BLANCOS! or Welcome White People! @ Fringearts

by Alex Torra and Team Sunshine
Featuring Idalmis Garcia Rodriguez, Jorge Enrique Caballero Elizarde, Lori Felipe-Barkin, Ben Camp and Jenna Horton
April 18-28
Tickets here.


OCt 2017 // Destiny Estimate by MJ Kaufman @ Christ Church Neighborhood House

Website and tickets here.
October 19-29, 2017 @ 7pm

Sept-Nov 2017// The Quiet Circus returns to the Washington Avenue pier

If you seek a temporary space to unfold and reflect, The Quiet Circus is an excellent place to visit. Come be with us any Friday or Saturday. Open to all.

July 2017// ¡BIENVENIDOS BLANCOS! or WELCOME WHITE PEOPLE! workshop w/ Team SunShine

JUNE 10 //  The Bearded Ladies' Marlene and The Machine: A German Expressionist Cabaret goes to Joe's Pub

Props design. From ages ago. Goes to New York. Tickets and info here.

MARCH-May 2017// Collaborating on swim Pony's THe End and Attending David Brick's Quiet Circus

Quiet Circus is a 15-month long meditative residency at the Washington Avenue Pier. Occurred every Saturday 11am-1pm. We'll start back up in September. For all those looking for a little space and silence, you are welcome to come join us.

Swim Pony's THE END is a month-long contemplation of mortality blending theater with alternate reality gaming. Being played May 1st- May 28th, 2017.

February 2017 // Dale @ Barnfest Philly Feb 11

Barnfest Philly

JANUARY 2017 // DALE @ 4 Weeks in January and Wintry Mix

4 Weeks In January
Hosting Wintry Mix @ Bryn Mawr

DeCEMBER 2016 // The Future Perfect w/ ANTIMATTER COLLECTIVE

Headed to New York to work with Antimatter Collective on the beginning stages of "The Future Perfect."
Showing of initial research on Dec 10th @ FiveMyles. Facebook event here.

NOVEMBER 2016 //      BUTT KAPINSKI (aka deanna fleysher) BACK IN FIWTHY FIWWY
                                               AntigonIck @ Panorama Nov 18-20

ANTIGONICK, an experimental staging to benefit YASP
Created by Erik Ruin and Dan Rogers
Friday-Sunday, Nov 18-20, 8PM
$10-$20 sliding scale suggested donation to benefit Youth Art & Self-Empowerment Project
No one turned away for lack of funds.
Facebook event here.

Think it’s a solo show? Think again. Private Eye Butt Kapinski invites you to co-star in this film noir installation fantasy. This funny, filthy, fully-interactive ride is riddled with shadows, sin, sex, and violence. Let’s kick reality to the curb and play in a make-believe city of dark dreams and bad similes. ADULTS ONLY!
L'Etage Wednesday, November 9th @ 8pm, Doors @ 7:30
One night only!
Tickets $15
Check out the trailer here.
Facebook event here.

Friday Nov 11 6-9pm @ The Iron Factory
Saturday Nov 12 12-6pm @ Headlong
Sunday Nov 13 11am-3pm @ Headlong
Only 18 spots available.
Send an email to to sign up

So you're funny... but are they on the edge of their seats, breathless to see what you'll do next? They could be. You just need to get naked. Naked Comedy will demand your heart, your guts, and all your fluids. We want to see how funny you can be without thinking or trying. Through play, we will explore your unique connection to the audience, the bravery required to be vulnerable, and the gratification that comes with letting go. Expose yourself (metaphorically speaking!) and make people laugh. This workshop is ideal for improvisers, stand-up comedians, actors, circus folk and anyone who wants to be more funny or comfortable in front of others than they currently are.

DEANNA FLEYSHER is a comedy artist, teacher and director. Inspired by clown, bouffon, improv and physical theatre, she cultivates comedy that is interactive and brave. She currently tours with her award-winning solo show Butt Kapinski, and teaches workshops around the world. She is also the director/co-writer of other international touring shows, including Red Bastard and Frank: To Be Frank. She recently relocated to Bellingham, WA where she leads the ongoing Naked Comedy Lab. For more info, visit, and please check out her blog.

October 2016 // The Quiet Circus continues
                                      FIlming 'LONELY'

The Quiet Circus. Saturdays. Washington St Pier. 11am-1pm.

SEPTEMBER 2016 // The Sincerity Project (2016) @ The Philadelphia Fringe festival, Sept 8-18

Tickets and info here.


                             REHEARSALS FOR THE SINCERITY PROJECT (2016) BEGIN

Sensitive Guys by MJ Kaufman is part of the additional featured PlayPenn readings this year. Reserve tickets here.
The Sincerity Project (2016) will be featured in the Philadelphia Fringe Festival in September. Tickets and details here.

JuNE 2016 // Takin' a BREAK ...some workshops though.

Workshop with Dan Rogers in Brooklyn, NY.
Sensitive Guys by MJ Kaufman at Interact's CORE PLAYWRIGHTS weekend. June 25 @ 2pm.
Back in the room with Swim Pony's Cross Pollination, MJ Kaufman and Chris Forsyth. Showing on July 1. FB event here

May 2016 // FROG NiGHT - May Edition! @ Plays and Players, Thurs May 19th @ 7pm
                             Traveling with polyglot's ants to Cleaveland, Oh and Fayeteville, AK

APRIL 2016 // PolyGLot's Paper Planet @ PIFA, April 9-23
                              Between a Boat And A Green Place, April 30

FeBruary 2016 // LanGFORD WiLSON'S TALLEY's FOLLEY @ SalON ARIEL, FeB 6 & 7, 13 & 14
                                        LITTLE fIRES Feb 27 & 28

For Talley's Folly, click here for details and tickets.

January 2016 // Annie wilson's lovertits @ Bryn Mawr 
                                      WORKSHOP of VICIOUS CYCLE w/ Team sunshine.

Philadelphians, if you missed it the first time, OR the second time, Lovertits is coming around again as part of Bryn Mawr's Peforming Arts Series. Details here.

Climbing back in a room with Team Sunshine and designer extraordinaire Maria Shaplin to workshop what we're currently calling Vicious Cycle, which explores societal collapse.

October 2015 // The Children's Hour @EGOPO Classic TheatER
                                     JoiNING The TEAm @ THINKINGDANCE

Feeling so lucky for the opportunity to work with Adrienne Mackey of SwimPony and the rest of this cast.

Also starting to write for ThINKingDANCE. Check out their Hatchfund campaign here

July-August // Launch of Death PortraitS
                                  Ants w/ PolyGlot @ MusikFest.

Thanks to Elliot B Quick and the Shakletons, I got to work with Tuce Yasak and Amelia Golden on some initial research into some of the thinking I've been doing around death and decomposition.

Also went to Musikfest with Ants. Moved crumbs around with kids and ate insane amounts of fried food.

June 2015//  Butt Kapinski & Naked Comedy Lab
                             HPX @ Headlong
                             Territorial with TEAM SUNshine and Jenny Davis.

Hosting Deanna Fleysher (aka Butt Kapinski) who will perform her show Butt Kapinski on Thursday, June 4th and Friday, June 5th @9pm at Quigs. She's arriving via the Orlando Fringe where she just won Critic's Choice for Best Comedy, Audience Choice for Best Show, Patron's Pick, Fringe Crush (voted by the artists), Low-Tech Award (voted by tech staff). Get your tickets here. Details about her workshop here.

Co-curating HPX, the Headlong Performance eXchange, a free peer-to-peer performance research platform, with Mark Lord. Boats, Convos, Events June 4th-21st.

Getting back in the room with Team Sunshine and Jenny Davis to finish our initial explorations for Territorial.

MAY 2015 // Let The Dog See the RabBit with Lightning Rod Special.

Let the Dog See the Rabbit runs May 13th-21st at the Rotunda in West Philadelphia. Details and tickets here.

April 2015 // Dale Presents the Life Cycle
                              Stand Up @ My Sunday Best.

Dale has her first debut at First Friday and FringeArts SCRATCH NIGHT. Also attempting a 5-min stand-up(ish) set at the Berserker's My Sunday Best @ Quig's.

MARCH 2015 // LOvertits @ JACK, Brooklyn NY

Lovertits goes to JACK in Brooklyn, March 26-28. Mark your calendars. Info here.

FEB 2015 //  DEVELOPMENT WORK with DEANNA Flysher(aka Butt Kapinski) in Los Angles, CA

Flying out to LA to develop work with the unstoppable Deanna Flysher.

Jan 2015 // Ants @ Kimmel Center with Polyglot of AustraliA

Donning the exoskeleton of an ant and taking over the lobby of the Kimmel Center. Part of the IPAY Festival.

JAn 2015 //  Team Sunshine Bite Size Piece, Jan. 14th @ HeadLONG

Tommy Butler directs. Sam Dingman on sound and Michael Ferrara on music.
Tiny piece for Team Sunshine's Annual Regifting Party on January 14th at Headlong Studios.

DEC 2014 // The Sincerity Project @ FringeArts, Philadelphia, PA

with Team Sunshine, December 4th-13th @ FringeArts. For details and tickets click here. On WHYY here.

Photo by Jen Cleary

Photo by Jen Cleary