With direction from Deanna Fleysher
Performed by Jenna Horton

Squirm. Plop. Thud. Squirt.
Dale—celestially obsessed with frogs and currently grappling with their single-turned-multiple-but-ultimately-limited-celledness.

Scratch Night April 2015, First Friday April 2015
Frog Night May 2016
4 Weeks in January 2017
MC for Wintry Mix at Bryn Mawr January 2017
Barnfest Philly Feb 2017

Photo by Jenna Horton

Photo by Jenna Horton

Mounting Etna

Directed by Mark McCloughan
Written and Performed by Jenna Horton

Etna's den of desire is delicate, volatile, tender, and potentially destructive.
She is known to arouse, entice, and...flay.
Not to worry though.
She wants to share.
After all, my dear

                                                                                                    What's a delicacy without a little danger?

LENGTH: 18 Minutes
Developed in part for the Emerging Artist Residency at Plays and Players. Presented in the 2014 FringeArts Jumpstart Program and featured at JACK in "Performance Couture" at the Brooklyn International Performance Art Festival.
Click here for an Interview about the development of the piece.
Click here for a review from Stage Magazine.
Further development planned for 2015.

Interested in having Etna perform at your party? Inquire within. Food included.

Photo by Jason Chen

Photo by Jason Chen

On Air

Written and Performed by Jenna Horton

Carl Cork retreats to his basement where he hosts his radio show, "The Womb Chair." ON AIR explores the dank, moldy, mothball places under your armpits where shame grows and what it means to search for connection from the confines of a private space.

Developed in part for Last Mondays presented by Hybridge Arts Collective, for the Solow Festival, and a residency at Goldilocks Gallery in Philadelphia.

Read about the piece in Solowfest here.

Photo by Bradley Wrenn

Photo by Bradley Wrenn

Esmerelda LaChevre

Written and performed by Jenna Horton

She's got 20ft braids and 20 tales waiting for you. A "memorably insane" 10-minute burlesque act developed with the help of The Beserker Residents as the opener to The Jersey Devil.

More development planned for 2015.